The Significance of Plantations in Broward County, FL Today: A Reflection

In recent months, the United States has been reflecting on its history of slavery and the ties to structural racism. This period of reflection has sparked petitions to change the names of Broward County and the City of Plantation in South Florida. Supporters of the movement argue that these titles evoke a painful past. Located in the center of Broward County, Plantation is home to several large companies, including Motorola Solutions, National Beverage, Magic Leap, and Kaplan University.

The city's name originates from the Everglades Plantation Company, which was owned by Adam A. Sanders and attempted to establish a rice plantation in the area. In 1993, Kemper National Services opened operations in Plantation and announced plans to double its office space and hire up to 800 additional employees the following year. In 2002, the city purchased the property of the original Plantation golf course and began developing a new city-owned golf course called “Plantation Preserve”. Plantation is bordered by Lauderhill to the northeast, Sunrise to the north and west, Davie to the south, and Fort Lauderdale to the east. In 1976, a 45-foot oak tree was planted in Pine Island Park as part of the celebration of the bicentennial of the United States.

This tree was meant to represent the Tree of Liberty. After his election in 1905, Napoleon Bonaparte Broward appointed Adam A. Sanders as general counsel of the Internal Improvement Fund and continued his initiative to completely drain the Everglades. City commissioners and Broward County's mayor have acknowledged both requests but have not made any formal announcements yet. The city of Plantation is abundant in services, a competitive business environment, and beautifully landscaped streets. Many people who grew up in Plantation never want to leave due to its unique traditions such as the great barbecues in Pine Island Park.

The city is also home to some of America's most innovative companies, making it an attractive destination for businesses looking for a place to call home. The significance of Plantation today is twofold: it serves as a reminder of our nation's painful past while also providing a glimpse into our future. As we continue to confront our history and strive for a more equitable society, it is important that we recognize both sides of this story.

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