Did Famous Historical Figures Visit or Own Plantations in Broward County, FL?

Broward County, Florida was formed in 1915 from parts of Dade and Palm Beach Counties and was named after former Florida governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward. In 2002, the city began the development of a new city-owned golf course called “Plantation Preserve”. To celebrate the bicentennial of the United States in 1976, a 15-meter oak tree was planted in Fifth Street Park in Plantation to represent the Tree of Liberty.

Colonel James Gadsden

conducted the first study in 1825 in present-day Broward County, but was not impressed. The Everglades Plantation Company was established in January 1909 following the signing of a 2-year contract with the trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund by Adam A.

Sanders. The company attempted to establish a rice plantation in the area, which is where the city's name comes from. After his election in 1905, Napoleon Bonaparte Broward appointed Jennings as general counsel of the Internal Improvement Fund and continued the initiative to completely drain the Everglades. The results of draining the Everglades were mixed, but it opened up much of today's urban Broward County to development, first as agricultural land and later as residential. The city's business districts (Plantation Gateway, Plantation Midtown, and Plantation Technology Park) offer an alternative to the congestion and fast pace of downtown.

In keeping with Frederick Peters' original master plan, Plantation retains its original charm while offering all the amenities of a big city. Kemper National Services first opened operations in Plantation in 1993 and announced plans to double its office space and hire up to 800 additional employees. All of Broward County's airfields were training centers during World War II. A new county statute gave the Broward government broad powers to monitor and improve the quality of life and environment. So did any famous historical figures visit or own plantations in Broward County, FL? The answer is yes! Napoleon Bonaparte Broward was a former Florida governor who gave his name to Broward County. Adam A.

Sanders was an engineer and president of the Miami Engineering and Construction Company who attempted to create a rice plantation in the Everglades.

Colonel James Gadsden

conducted a study in 1825 in present-day Broward County. In addition to these three famous figures, there are many other historical figures who have visited or owned plantations in Broward County. For example, Frederick Peters was an early settler who developed a master plan for Plantation that still stands today. Jennings was appointed by Napoleon Bonaparte Broward as general counsel of the Internal Improvement Fund.

And Kemper National Services opened operations in Plantation in 1993. Broward County has a rich history that is still evident today. From its founding by Napoleon Bonaparte Broward to its modern-day business districts, Plantation has been shaped by many famous historical figures who have visited or owned plantations there. Whether you're looking for a place to golf or just want to explore some local history, Plantation is sure to have something for everyone.

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