The Fascinating Story of Plantations in Broward County, Florida

Plantation is a city located in Broward County, Florida, United States. It is part of the South Florida metropolitan area and its name originates from the former co-owner of the land, the Everglades Plantation Company. In the 1940s, State Highway 7 was the western boundary of civilization in Broward County. Frederick Peters had purchased 10,000 acres in the Wild West, but the only living things were his livestock. In 1947, the Clark family bought land from Peters and started constructing a complex called Plantation Homes along Broward Blvd.

Unfortunately, two humid hurricanes in 1947 and 1948 completely flooded the area each time. In the 1960s, members added a building with Sunday school classrooms, which is now home to Plantation Christian Pre-School. Peters had donated 300 acres to create a golf course in the hope of encouraging the Broward County Commission to extend Broward Boulevard farther west and help the development of Plantation. The first Plantation golf club was built in 1950 on 300 acres of its original 10,000-acre tract. The city's business districts (Plantation Gateway, Plantation Midtown, and Plantation Technology Park) provide an alternative to the congestion and fast pace of downtown. It was built to stimulate interest in Plantation and to encourage the Broward County Commission to extend Broward Boulevard farther west. Plantation boasts one of the lowest crime rates in Broward County and a form of government with a strong mayor who is devoted to achieving quality remodeling and stabilizing neighborhoods through first-rate recreational facilities.

From arboreal islands dominated by cypresses, coconut trees and pond apple trees, to wetland marshes full of spikes, potatoes and wild flags, everything you see while strolling through the linear park or enjoying the golf course was specifically chosen to create an environment similar to that of the early years of Broward County. The statutes were approved and, on March 10, 1950, the state of Florida granted a corporate charter to the Plantation Community Church. The first Council meeting was held on May 11, 1953 at a former feed warehouse near the intersection of East Acre Drive and Broward Boulevard.

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