Exploring the Notable Plantations of Broward County, Florida

Plantation is a city in Broward County, Florida, United States that is part of the South Florida metropolitan area. With a population of 94,366 people, Plantation is a well-known community in Florida that offers its residents an urban environment with plenty of cafes and parks. One of the most famous attractions in the area is Kingsley Plantation, a charming historic estate located in the heart of the county. The city's name comes from the Everglades Plantation Company, which was established in 1909 following a two-year contract with the trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund.

The company's unsuccessful attempts to establish a rice plantation in the area gave Plantation its name. Plantation is renowned for its diverse population and for being one of the most prosperous cities in Broward County. During the celebration of the bicentennial of the United States in 1976, a 45-foot oak tree was planted in the park on Fifth Street to represent the Tree of Liberty. The city also boasts one of the lowest production rates in Broward County and has a form of government with a strong mayor who is committed to quality remodeling and stabilizing neighborhoods through top-notch recreational facilities.

Plantation Gateway, Plantation Midtown, and Plantation Technology Park are some of the city's business districts that offer an alternative to the congestion and fast pace of downtown. In 2002, work on a new city-owned golf course began when the city purchased the property of the original Plantation golf course and began developing “Plantation Preserve”. The insurance company Kemper National Services opened operations in Plantation in 1993 and announced plans to double its office space and hire up to 800 additional employees. If you're interested in learning more about the history of Plantation and Broward County, you might want to take a tour of Kingsley Plantation or visit some of the city's parks such as Plantation Lakes Park or Plantation Community Center.

There's no better way to explore this charming city than by taking a stroll through its green spaces and discovering its unique history.

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